My Experience Searching For A Job

Just looking way back in the year 2014, immediately when I finished my NYSC service, I was eager to look for a promising company that is organized and has a good service as well. Less I forget I studied accounting in Edo University Iyamho, before moving to Lagos to serve and plan for my future.
Back to my story.

I shared my c.v to some of my highly connected friends to help out in securing a job for me, which I waited for several months with no positive feedback from anyone of them. I was forced to connect with an HR company to get the best job, which I paid 10k for registration with an agreement of getting 10% off my salary for the first 6 months of my resume in office. They said the money will be used to check, monitor and secure my activities in the office including but not limited to health and any other problem I come across in the company. Sounds protective you will say!!

Of course I agreed, paid and signed the agreement form that was giving to me with a big smile on my face, I submitted my documents having belief of working in a big company. It’s over 3 months with no positive feedback call or text from the HR Company. All this while I have being staying at home doing nothing, rather been asked by my neighbors if there is NEPA light since morning.

I gave myself an extra 1 week before visiting to know the state of my job hunt. On getting to their office I was told the person in charge of my job search case is not on sit, is either I come back next time or wait for some minutes for his arrival. I had to wait knowing fully well there is nothing for me to do at home, I took a sitting position and sat for some minutes.

I was bored so I took a nap, about an hour later I requested for the person in charge of my job hunt, immediately someone stepped in and introduced himself as Mr. Vincent “Infarct I just finished sharing some copies of your document to 8 companies that are actively seeking to recruit new workers, which I assure you will bring forth a good result, you don’t have to worry yourself coming over to check I will personally give you a call”.

I was happy to hear this, so I requested for his mobile number in case of any question from my end, which he gave me without any second thought. Feeling excited I head home hoping to get the best job within few weeks or month.

Now it over 2 months after my visit with the HR company, I remembered collecting Mr. Vincent mobile number so I quickly gave him a call and immediately introduced myself and asked for my job search result, then he started saying things I don’t understand “Mr. Sunday I was about to call you now the Lord sees my heart, we’ve tried all the company within our reach, but they’re not actively employing for now.

Don’t worry there are other company locations outside our reach which we have connections to other agencies that will effectively get you your dream job, I only need you to send me 10k to be able connect with other agencies around”. That right there got me angry I had to hang up the call to avoid insulting an elderly man. With the pain in me I had to take a walk round the street, thinking of what next to do if I don’t get a job soon.

This is really getting serious there are lots of thought going on in my heard right now that I cannot pick out the exact one.

Walked straight to the field where many of our community youths come together to play and have fun. I sat alone on a bench far from the goalpost trying to figure out the right thing to do, after some minutes right there I made a stupid decision that I believe would work.

I stood up and held my thought strong believing it will work out fine, so I went back home took some money, went straight to the closest market bought two black polo round neck then went to a printer shop to print on the cloths. This was what I wrote on them “Am a graduate and I’m in need of a pleasant job”. Funny you say? But I did it.

Early in the morning am always at the bus-stop with my cloth on, waiting to take a bus that will lead me to a populated company location where I will start walking round in search of any office job opportunity. I did this for over 3 months without any good result, I thought of giving up this plan but I just spent 5k buying and printing on my cloths.

Then I tried the second week of my fourth month of searching for a job, on my way to an unknown location, an elderly woman well-dressed stopped me and asked if what was written on my cloth was just for fun or am I really in search of a job?

As a sharp guy I quickly answered her, I am in need of a job and I got lots of experience in accounting plus am a graduate. After a long chat, she gave me her business card for an interview in her workplace very early next week Monday, with a great smile on my face I said “Thank you ma” and she walked past me.

Got to the company very early in the morning like she said, then I was directly interviewed by unknown men, they were four in number and very intelligent in asking questions. To cut the long story short, within 3 working days I was called to start work on Monday for the position of financial secretary with a monthly salary of 120k.

Guess what!! The woman that stopped me and gave me her business card is the current and forever the CEO of GoldStripe Company Limited.

Thank you Bogger for sharing my story.

How Was Your Job Search Like? Kindly Share Your Story?

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