Police, Residents Arrest Gang Member During Robbery In Lagos

The Police in Lagos has arrested a member of a robbery gang at the Bode Thomas area of Surulere on Wednesday.

The suspect, Olawale Samsudeen, 27, was nabbed as he and two others attacked a grocery shop.

The owner of the store located at Eric Moore Close raised an alarm which attracted a police team on routine patrol.

The officers and residents nearby rushed to the scene and apprehended Samsudeen. His colleagues escaped with a motorcycle.

Items recovered from the suspect included one locally-made pistol and three cartridges.

Samsudeen confessed that he took part in recent robberies in different parts of Surulere.

Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu has directed that the case be transferred to the Command’s Special Squad for further investigation.

Odumosu urged members of the public to remain vigilant and provide credible information that will help to reduce crime in Lagos.

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