Simi Reacts To Second Pregnancy Rumor

Simi might have sung Duduke for Deja, but she’s certainly not ready to craft out another tune for baby number two.

The beautiful songstress took to Instagram to slam fans insinuating that she might be pregnant after she posted a picture of Deja’s latest acrobatic moves.

As seen in the photo, Baby Deja had her palms and her head on the ground as she tried to lift her legs up. Simi captioned the photo, “new day new style”.

After she shared the photo, Nigerians were quick to inform Simi that she might be pregnant again. According to some experienced mothers, babies tend to play like that when their mother is expecting another child.

Simi immediately laid the rumors to rest by informing them she isn’t pregnant. According to her, this isn’t the first time Deja has wowed her with her acrobatic moves.

She disclosed that the first time Deja did that some months back, she followed the advice of Fans who informed her she was pregnant and has been waiting for the arrival of her second child.

Simi issued a stern warning to Fans to cease the rumors of her second pregnancy or she will be forced to block them.

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