The Life Journey Of Singer, Lullychi

Nigerian singer, Adeleye Afolabi Muyiwa is popularly known as Lullychi. Born on 25th September 1995 in Sango Otta, Ogun State, and was raised in FCT, Abuja.

He started his school in Kabusa Peseli, Abuja. At the age of 12years, he has music as a passion to start his career.

As he was growing, he realized that he will want to use music to speak about his life stories and make his mummy proud.

He’s an SSCE holder, which is unable to furthermore, he keeps grinding and learned handy work related to Art.

He will want to do Music for a living, may God grant his wishes and be able to showcase his talent to the world.

He said;

Life has been so hard since he was 12years old, presently he keep grinding and struggling everyday to be okay and pray in few times to come to be in a great place.


His first song was performed in a Celestial Church when he was 14 years and awarded with gifts. He has the talent to perform on the stage and is also good at dancing.

Using his own music pattern because he believes music is not what just to choose but he feels he has it as a career.

His first track is titled “When Is Time” and he wants to share more inspirational songs to the world.

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