TikTok CEO Zhang Yiming Resigns With A $44 Billion To Read Books And Daydream

The 30th richest person in the world and CEO of video-sharing social networking service, ByteDance, parent company of TikTok, Zhang Yiming, says he’s resigning to create more time for him to read books and daydream.

According to reporters, Zhang with a net worth of $44 billion announced on Monday, May 24, in an official letter to his employees, said he lacked some skills that’d make him an ideal manager.

“The truth is, I lack some of the skills that make an ideal manager. Similarly, I’m not very social, preferring solitary activities like being online, reading, listening to music, and daydreaming about what may be possible.,” he said.

Yiming will step down at the end of the year to focus on long-term strategy

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